INVOICE PAYMT: 2018 Election Law Manual Supplement
INVOICE PAYMT: 2018 Election Law Manual Supplement
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Type: Publications
Price: $24.50
Product Information:

Please only pay for this item if you have ALREADY RECEIVED your annual supplement for the TMCCP Election Law Manual via mail and would like to pay your INVOICE via credit card. Your 2018 supplement arrived in the mail with an invoice indicating the amount due.


This payment is for the TMCCP 2018 supplement for the Texas Municipal Election Law Manual that you have ALREADY RECEIVED via mail with an invoice in January 2018. The annual supplement protects your investment in the Election Law Manual, ensures legal accuracy, keeps the manual up-to-date, is cost-efficient, and precludes the expense of purchasing a new manual. Please file your new supplement in your Election Law Manual immediately to bring it up-to-date.

DO NOT attempt to purchase a new supplement here--please call the Texas Municipal Clerks office if you need assistance with your supplement order(s): 940-565-3488.

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