Texas Municipal Clerks Handbook, 11th ed. +S&H
Texas Municipal Clerks Handbook, 11th ed. +S&H
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Texas Municipal Clerks Handbook by Texas Municipal Clerks, eleventh edition, 2018. Hardcover 3-ring binder; dimensions (in inches): 3 x 11.5 x 11.5

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A Comprehensive Reference for the Duties and Powers of the Texas Municipal Clerk

This handbook is an invaluable administrative guide to the major functions of the Texas municipal clerk’s job. It is authored by municipal clerks for municipal clerks. It contains:

  • Administrative procedures, duties and responsibilities of municipal clerk

  • Records management information and forms

  • Sample agendas, minutes, ordinances, and resolutions

  • Notices (English/Spanish)

  • Legal petitions

  • Oaths of office for elected and appointed officials

  • Sample budget preparation calendar

  • Sample purchasing requisition, purchase order, notice to bidders, and bid invitation

  • Form for public information request

  • Sample application form and letter of appointment for boards and commissions

  • List of cost of copies of open records

  • Agencies’ and publishers’ addresses and phone numbers, and

  • Bibliographic reference lists


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Office and Duties of the Municipal Clerk

Chapter 2 - Agendas, Minutes, and Indexing Procedures

Chapter 3 - Municipal Finance

Chapter 4 - Taxes

Chapter 5 - Publication Requirements and Posting

Chapter 6 - Municipal Purchasing and Contracting

Chapter 7 - Municipal Court

Chapter 8 - Petitions

Chapter 9 - Public Information

Chapter 10 - Board and Commissions/Constitutional Oath of Office

Chapter 11 - Council Meeting Procedures and Parliamentary Procedure

Chapter 12 - Records Management

Chapter 13 - Human Resources

Chapter 14 - Elections

Chapter 15 - Professional Etiquette and Protocol

Chapter 16 - History of TMCCP and TMCA, Inc.

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