RENEW SUBSCRIPTION Online Municipal Law Manual
RENEW SUBSCRIPTION Online Municipal Law Manual
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Type: Publications
Price: $45.00
Product Information:

RENEWAL OF ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: Online Texas Municipal Law & Procedure Manual


Please only pay for this item if you ALREADY PURCHASED your online version of the TMCCP Municipal Law & Procedure Manual and have received notice that it is time for your annual renewal.

This payment is for continued online access to the TMCCP Municipal Law & Procedure Manual. In order to ensure uninterrupted access to the digital manual, please update your subscription by paying the annual renewal fee by your due date. You will have received an email reminder from us a month before your renewal payment is due.

Renewal must be purchased within one year. After one year, the full purchase price of the manual will apply.

Please note: If you have also purchased a hardcopy of the Manual in the past, billing and supplements will be separate from your online copy of the Manual. You will receive a paper supplement via mail for that manual with its own invoice.


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